Jan 11, 2012

Bebida, Smith St, Melbourne - 11 January 2012

Funky little place - has that Melbourne Smith St groove thang - good coffee, nice tapas, OK wine.
Great spot for a casual quoff and nosh.

Over a glass (or two...) my sweetheart and I enjoyed:
  • patatas bravas (unlike some they actually had a little bit of bravery about them - ie chili - though could do with a little more bravery), 
  • haloumi (the zatar makes and interesting and welcome twist on this tapas regular), 
  • vegetable tempura (crunchy and tasty - acceptable, but a bit dull) and 
  • tortilla (still good, but probably the weakest dish tasted). 

Despite many of the other reviews of this place, it was clear that ordering at the bar was the expectation, but the friendly staff offered table service when they were nearby. The place has vibe, but also intimacy.
I also like the fact that some people were having breakfast while most of us were enjoying a late lunch (on a Wednesday).

Will try to return to enjoy some of the live music one evening.

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